Saturday, June 10, 2017

I come into this internship with an extensive knowledge of Wine and the AppDB as a user (9 years) and little in the way of technical skills. What I know is what I've picked up over the years as a Linux user, which, granted, is much more than what I would have learned had I stayed with Windows.

But in terms of what's needed to wrestle with the AppDB code, it's not much: basic html and css, an understanding of how relational databases work from a job years ago where I had to run queries using a now-defunct language on an IBM mainframe, and (thanks to having run regression tests on Wine) how to use git. I had no training or experience in Apache, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, or Bootstrap prior to being accepted as an intern.

I spent the month leading up to the official start of the internship setting up a local test environment, and with the help of a mentor who's been very patient with my newbie questions, getting better at troubleshooting Apache and PHP errors.

The learning curve so far has been about what I expected. MySQL has been the easiest because I do understand how database queries work and just have to look up the specific MySQL syntax for what I want to do. PHP has been the hardest, in part because the AppDB code is poorly organized and difficult to follow even for someone who knows PHP. 

I have nonetheless managed to fix some small bugs, and learned a few things. I expect the learning curve to get steeper before it gets easier.

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